Peanut Farm Beach and Surf Spot, The Ultimate Guide

Wondering whether Peanut Farm Beach is worth a visit? Whether the surf is good, if the lineup is busy, if it’s a good hangout spot, and whether you should spend the day. Welcome to our guide to one of our favourite surf spots and beaches in Arugam Bay.

Arugam Bay offers a unique vibe that you won’t find anywhere else in Sri Lanka. It’s an amazing blend of traditional fishing life and surf culture, a growing bohemian town close to roaming wildlife, and a meeting point for new-age travelers and seasoned locals. All of this is set against the wild, untouched beauty of Sri Lanka’s East Coast.

Of all the places you can explore near Arugam Bay, nowhere represents this vibe more than Peanut Farm Beach. It’s a simple place really, an old abandoned peanut farm set in the corner of a 2km beach laden with soft golden sand and framed by overgrown jungle that has naturally evolved into a vibrant traveler hotspot. 

Three girls walk along Peanut Farm Beach past a homemade volleyball court

Two fun surf breaks, a locally run beach bar inside an old abandoned hut, a volleyball net made from fallen tree branches, a makeshift mini golf course, and a throw-your-own tent-up beach campsite. It’s the perfect place to bring some boards, catch some waves, and spend a carefree day with a bunch of like-minded travellers.

Peanut Farm Beach was one of our go-to spots during our time in Arugam Bay, and if you’re planning to explore the East Coast of Sri Lanka, it’s a must-visit location.

Why visit Peanut Farm Beach

If you visit Arugam Bay, it’s easy to get sucked into the convenience of only surfing Main Point, hanging out at the beach all day, maybe hitting up the hipster cafes, and generally not leaving town. But the East Coast has so much more to offer, and a great place to start is Peanut Farm Beach.  

A man on a right hand wave at Peanut Farm Beach cutting towards some beginners

Less Crowded Lineups

If you surf Main Point in the center of town, you’ll be sharing the peak with 40-50 others most days. Peanut Farm Beach offers a refreshing alternative. With its somewhat off-the-beaten-path location, two peaks to hit, and a little beach break if the swell is pumping, the lineup here is less crowded. If you’re looking for a quieter surf spot with some power and long 200-300 meter rides, Peanut Farm Beach is the first place to try.

Three girls carry surfboards along the beach at Peanut Farm with surfers on a wave in the background

A Vibe Like No Other

Peanut Farm Beach isn’t just about the surf; it’s about the experience. The beach has a laid-back atmosphere where people come to chill for the entire day which makes you feel welcome from the moment you arrive. It’s the kind of place where you can easily have a casual chat at the lineup, or maybe someone asks to borrow some sunscreen, then 5 minutes later you’re playing a game of volleyball or sipping on a beer. 

If you’re looking for a chilled place where you can meet and hang out with some travellers away from the hustle and bustle of Arugam Bay, Peanut Farm is definitely one of the best beaches to explore.  

A group of travelers throw a ball to each other on Peanut Farm Beach

Connection with Nature

There are no buildings or hotels on Peanut Farm Beach, just 2km of soft golden sand, overgrown jungle, and natural rock formations. Even the access road to the beach is a small dirt track that meanders past marsh lakes and wetlands. On the way, you may come across wild Elephants roaming the streets and they’ve even been seen exploring the beach and glimpsing the surf. If you’re looking to get off the beaten path and really see the natural beach of Sri Lanka’s East Coast, Peanut Farm is a great place to start.

A girl in a motorbike helmet watches a wild Elephant walking in a field in the background

Peanut Farm surf spot guide

The wave

Like all waves in Arugam Bay, Peanut Farm is a right-hand point break that can hold long 200-300 meter rides. There are two waves at this point, the first is a mellow sand bottom break that’s great for beginners, and the second is a much bigger and more powerful break that ranges from 3-6ft and can sometimes barrel. 

Beginner Break

As you walk through the entrance to Peanut Farm, past the old abandoned shacks, and onto the beach, the first beginner break is directly in front of you to the left of the rocks. This wave is mellow and tends to be 2-4ft in size. If a big swell rolls in, a beach break starts working to the left of the point which can be a great place to avoid the crowds and find your own peak.

Peanut Farm Beach beginner surf break

These waves break over a waist-high sand bottom surface so the risks are low, you only need to watch out for the beginners and surf schools. The local instructors tend to push their customers onto your wave, so if you know what you’re doing, it’s better to hit the main point instead. 

To get in, just walk to the left of the rocks and paddle out, the whitewash is weak so it’s easy to get out to the lineup.

  • Wave type: Point Break
  • Wave direction: Right
  • Takeoff: Mellow
  • Rides: 25 – 100 meters
  • Level: Beginners
  • Paddle out: Easy
  • Tides: Any
  • Risk: Low / Medium – beginners everywhere
A man is on a wave at Peanut Farm Beach break whilst two people watch from the shore

Main Point

The main point break is a little hidden from the beach. You have to walk to the right of the rocks and around the coast to the next little bay, the wave breaks to the next group of rocks on the headland. 

This wave is probably the second most powerful wave in Arugam Bay after Main Point and there will typically only be 5-15 people on the peak, so it’s a great alternative if you’re looking for a quieter spot with long rides. It’s easy to drift close to the rocks to get the best takeoff, but you should be careful, it becomes knee-deep shallow and there are lots of rocks under the surface, so if you don’t nail the takeoff you’re going straight into them. It’s definitely one of the sketchiest surf spots in Arugam Bay so it’s only suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers.

A man drops in on the main point at peanut farm beach whilst another surfer watches

On a big day, the two points connect and you can enjoy really long rides around the headland, past the beginners, and all the way to the beach bar. It’s an awesome ride and definitely a wave you have to hit if you visit Arugam Bay.

  • Wave type: Point Break
  • Wave direction: Right
  • Takeoff: Mellow
  • Rides: 100 – 300 meters
  • Level: Intermediates / Advanced
  • Paddle out: Easy
  • Tides: Any
  • Risk: Medium / High – shallow with lots of rocks under the surface
Two local Sri Lankan's sit on a chair under a hut waiting to offer surf videography at Peanut Farm Beach

The lineup

Peanut Farm is definitely one of the busier spots on the East Coast but the vibe is usually good. The first break will typically have 25+ people on the wave, most will be beginners or part of a surf school. Expect a bunch of party waves and poor etiquette here, but it’s not the kind of wave you’ll be hitting many top turns so it doesn’t really matter.

The Main Point tends to have a lot fewer people and they’ll be at an intermediate or advanced level. There are a few locals that hit this wave, they’re typically friendly but expect the occasional snaking and a bit of competition. Everyone else tends to be pretty friendly and it’s an easy place to chill and have a nice chat whilst you’re waiting for a set to roll in, it’s a nice vibe and a refreshing change from the chaos of Main Point in Arugam Bay town.

Five people sit at the lineup waiting for waves at Peanut Farm Beach

When to visit

The best time to surf at Peanut Farm is generally between April and October, during the dry season. This period coincides with the Southwest monsoon which brings consistent swells to the East Coast of Sri Lanka and nice offshore winds. 

The best months are typically June to September when the sands have moved back fully after the winter monsoons, creating waves with a better shape and a higher chance of scoring those long 300 meter rides.

The early morning hours just after sunrise are often the best times of the day to hit this wave. During this time, the winds are generally lighter, offering cleaner and glassier conditions with almost no one else around. The conditions tend to get choppier around 11am – 12pm when the winds often pick up, but this spot is typically surfable most of the day in the peak season, unlike a lot of the other spots.

Board type

Shortboards are typically best to hit Peanut Farm, it’s a wave that can take a bit of power and offers steeper faces. If the swell is small a fish or a mid-length might be a better option.   

Board rental

If you turn up to Peanut Farm Beach without a board, the locals do rent a few soft tops and 7ft+ epoxies, rental will typically cost $5 a session. It’s a lot more expensive to rent boards on the beach rather than the surf shops in town, so if you know you’re going to visit Peanut Farm for a surf, it’s best to bring a board from the town where you can rent them for $2-3 a day and you have a lot more options.

A number of soft top and epoxy boards rest against the trees for rental at Peanut Farm Beach

Beginners and lessons

Peanut Farm Beach is a great place to learn to surf or get a lesson to level up. The waves at the beginner break are relatively mellow and a great place to hit your first green wave or learn to turn. You can organise a private lesson for $15 for 1-2 hours on the beach and pay extra if you’d like some photos. If you want to save some money you can organise a cheaper lesson or join a surf camp in many of the surf shops in Arugam Bay town.

Three girls carry their boards past a lagoon to go to a surf lesson at Peanut Farm Beach

Peanut Farm Beach Location

Where is Peanut Farm

Peanut Farm is 7km to the south of Arugam Bay. It’s easy to get to by road, you just need to drive south out of the town along Panama Road. After you cross a number of bridges and the farmland changes to dustier drylands, you pass the signs for Elephant Rock and turn left at the next signs along the main road onto a dirt track. Follow the dirt track and the signs for Peanut Farm all the way to the beach.

How to get to Peanut Farm Beach


If you can ride, a motorbike is the best way to get to Peanut Farm Beach. You have the flexibility to explore other surf spots if it gets busy or go Elephant spotting after your session. You can pick up a bike in Arugam Bay for $2-3 per day, just ask for one with a board rack if you’re bringing a surfboard, it’s too far to carry one the entire way. 

A man sits on a motorbike looking at a lake on the way to Peanut Farm Beach

Tuk Tuk

If you don’t fancy driving a bike off-road or you’re not comfortable riding with a board, then the best way to get to Peanut Farm Beach is with a Tuk Tuk driver from Arugam Bay. A return trip will be around $9-11 depending on how well you negotiate and they’ll wait for you at the beach to take you home. If you want to bring a board they’ll happily strap them to the roof. You can flag any driver down in town, they all tend to be around the same price.

Two Tuk Tuks cross a bridge with surfboards on their roof on the way to Peanut Farm Beach

Where to stay near Peanut Farm Beach

Peanut Farm Beach is off-the-beaten-path, there are no hotels directly on the beach, but there is a bring-your-own tent campsite. If you want to be the only person out for dawn patrol, maybe a tent is your style. But Arugam Bay gets extremely hot in the summer, we spent 4 nights with just a fan in some open cabanas at Lighthouse surf spot. It was an amazing experience but definitely a sweaty affair. We’d recommend skipping the tent and staying in Arugam Bay instead, here’s a few of our favourites to make your choice a little easier.

Surf Gangs – Best all-rounder

Surf Gangs is without a doubt our favourite place to stay in Arugam Bay for digital nomads. This is a relatively new property built by Tom, a super down-to-earth guy from New York, who has put so much care and attention into the quality of the rooms and the vibe he’s creating.

We spent 3 weeks here in total and just kept extending, nowhere else came close. For $40-50 a night you can get a giant balcony room 30 seconds from the beach with a stunning garden and a pool. It’s the small things that made this place so amazing though, the aircon worked perfectly and they had a fan, the showers had warm water with actual water pressure, the rooms and the sheets were cleaned daily and the internet actually worked. These may sound like basics, but if you spend some time in Sri Lanka you’ll get what we mean. 

In the end, Surf Gangs was such a comfortable place to work and enjoy Arugam Bay from there’s nowhere else we will choose to stay when we return.

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A view of the Surf Gangs accommodation with a palm tree

Oasis Bay – Budget value

If you’re looking for a budget hotel with friendly staff and the best free breakfast, then Oasis Bay is a great option. At $25-30 it’s not budget budget, but Arugam Bay does get expensive in the peak season and nowhere apart from hostels will be really cheap. We spent a week here and the quality for the price was really worth it, and the staff are amazing, if Riz is still there you’ll have a great laugh.  

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The Spice Trail – Amazing quality

If you want more luxury and comfort then the Spice Trail is our top pick. This accommodation has amazing rooms looking out onto a super chilled pool area. If you’re looking for the best quality under $100 a night, Spice Trail is the place.

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The Spice Trails pool and garden and sunset

Things to know

Where to eat

You can get food from the little beach bar at Peanut Farm. They serve your standard rice and curry, roti’s, and fried rice. Or if you fancy some western food you can get avocado on toast, smoothie bowls, or fries. The price is reasonable at $2-3 a meal and the quality is good for a beach shack. If you fancy a cold drink, their Iced Coffees were amazing, some of the best in Arugam Bay, and you can get beers as well.

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The beach bar hut that offers food and drinks on Peanut Farm Beach

Are there any supermarkets

There are no supermarkets near Peanut Farm Beach, it’s in an isolated location. If you don’t want to buy from the beach bar you’ll need to bring any snacks and drinks with you from Arugam Bay.

What to bring 

Anything you need, you can’t get much when you are at the beach. We’d suggest your boards, a beach towel, zinc, suncream, water, and whatever snacks you need.

A girl runs down the beach at Peanut Farm near Arugam Bay

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