6 Must-See Beaches in Ahangama, Find Your Paradise!

Are you wondering what Ahangama’s beach vibes are like? Where’s best to go for a swim without waves, where to find the best beach bars, or where’s best for some quiet time? Welcome to our guide to the best beaches in Ahangama with all the insider tips so you can find your perfect spot!

Ahangama isn’t really known for its beaches. You won’t find them on any Lonely Planet guides, no one adds them to their top Sri Lanka lists, I’ve barely mentioned them to my friends, and hey, I don’t even think they’re listed on Google Maps – or well, there’s a few suspectly fake ones that some cheeky hotel owner has added… can’t blame them for trying.

There’s a good reason why. Ahangama is a surf town through and through. It’s known for its reef breaks, a-frames, and big surf spots more than its beaches. And even still, its shores have been subject to radical change over the years so it’s hard to pin them down.

A girl standing near the rock pools at low tide on Ahangama Beach

You see, Ahangama is an up-and-coming hipster town. It’s in its infancy of becoming the next Canggu of the Indian Ocean. When we first came in 2019, there was barely anything apart from shacks on the beach, a few local shorefront shoe shops, and the luxury hotels that still exist today at Kabalana.

But over the years the coastline has changed like crazy. Every monsoon the sands move east and every winter they come back. New hotels erect seawalls, old ones remove them, fishermen move their stilts, bars pop up out of nowhere, and the beaches and their vibes ebb and flow like the waves on these stunning shores.

A fisherman sitting on his stilt near Ahangama Beach

Luckily for you, we keep coming back every year. Some beaches are new, some beaches have changed, and some are still the same. Now though, I can tell you for sure that Ahangama has some of our favourite beaches in Sri Lanka. Here, they are defined by small coves, hidden gems, hipster beach vibes, and untouched beauty that comes from them being less popular. 

Welcome to our guide to the must-see beaches in Ahangama, we hope it helps you find your perfect paradise!

Two people walk around the beach near Dreamsea in Ahangama at sunset

Ahangama beaches map

Ahangama is a long town that stretches along the 4km road from Kabalana Beach to Devils Rock. Along this stretch of coastline, there are loads of little coves and mini beaches to explore. If you’ve got limited time or you want some help to find the best ones, we think there are 6 must-see beaches you have to visit when you come to Ahangama.

ahangama beaches map

6 best beaches in Ahangama

All the beaches in Ahangama will be within walking distance from wherever you stay in the town. But for convenience, we think it’s best to hire a moped or use Tuk Tuks unless a beach is very close to where you’re staying. Most trips will only cost $1-2 / 300-600LKR each way. Here are our favourite 6 beaches in Ahangama you have to explore.

Ahangama Beach

No one really knows where Ahangama Beach actually is. When we first arrived Kabalana was the only beach in town – but there’s also a suspect Google Maps pin halfway to Midigama and in 2021 most people used to chill on the stretch of sand outside of the Insight Resort Hotel. But over the years the people have spoken and more and more of us have found ourselves chilling in the small bay between Dream Sea Surf Camp and The French Bakery.

The Pickled Pelican and Elita makeshift bars on Ahangama Beach

Here at Tales of the Topics, we’re all about clarity, and given the community has spoken, we also agree this is the only spot that can be called Ahangama Beach!

This beach is absolute perfection in its own way. It’s a small beach, just a short stretch of sand in a little bay framed by stunning palm trees and supported by a rock wall that has been around for many years. Upon the wall, the beach shacks have been replaced by many bars and restaurants that still have the same makeshift vibes, it’s a great place to grab an iced coffee or a beer and soak in some sunshine.

A group of people have drinks at Crust on Ahangama Beach

The beach is ok for swimming. The waves are small and there’s a sand bottom so it’s one of the better beaches in Ahangama for a dip. On the shore, a few of the bars put out sunlougers so it’s a great place to chill for the day. And if you like to surf, Ahangama Beach leads onto one of the best breaks in the town, Animals. If you’re looking for the beach to spend most of you’re time in Ahangama, this is one of the top contenders.

On the left side of the beach, just in front of Dreamsea, is one of our favourite rope swings in Sri Lanka. If you want to get one of those famous head back, feet to the sky shots, you’ve got a great opportunity at Ahangama Beach.

Location: Dreamsea Surf Camp to the French Bakery

A girl swings on a rope swing hanging from a palm tree on Ahangama Beach

Great for

  • Surf: ⭐(4) – Animals is the big spot just off the beach and a nice left sometimes forms on the other side of the bay. This spot is not suitable for beginners.
  • Swim: ⭐(3) – Yes! The waves are smaller here and it’s a sand bottom. The currents do batter you around though so don’t expect to be doing lengths.
  • Relax: ⭐(3) – You can always find a spot on the sand or pick up a bed from one of the restaurants.
  • Restaurants/Bars: ⭐(5) – There are so many to choose from, Pickled Pelican, Elita, Carries, and La Bella are our go-to’s.
  • Crowds: ⭐(3) – This beach is small so it can feel busy, you’ll always be able to find some space though.

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People swimming in the ocean and drinking in the bars on Ahangama Beach

Kabalana Beach

Kabalana Beach is the perfect place to relax and unwind. This long, wide golden sand beach is one of the focal points of the town where you can grab a makeshift wooden sunbed, sip on a cool king coconut, and just let the day go by.

Surfers walking on Kabalana Beach to the ocean

Kablana is known for ‘The Rock,’ the iconic surf break that put this place on the map, it’s perfect for any advanced or intermediate surfers looking for a bit of power and some long rides. But if you’re a beginner, there’s also a nice beach break that’s good for catching your first wave.

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A man drops in on a wave at The Rock Kabalana

It’s great to come to Kabalana for the early afternoon when there is a good social vibe and a buzz around the beach. It’s the kind of place where it’s easy to chat with other travellers or join a volleyball game. 

And you should stay as the afternoon gets late and the sky turns orange. Kabalana is one of the best place in Ahangama to watch the sunset, the perfect place to sit in a beach bar and watch the surfer silhouettes as the sun drops below the horizon. If you come to Ahangama, you have to visit Kabalana at least once.

Location: Kabalana Beach

Great for

  • Surf: ⭐(5) – The Rock is one of the best waves on the South Coast and the beach break is great for beginners. What more could you want?
  • Swim: ⭐(3) – The shallows are easy to swim and chill, there are a lot of currents here that will pull you around.
  • Relax: ⭐(4) – There are many makeshift shaded sun loungers for rent and the beach is a wide stretch of soft golden sand beach. It’s perfect for spending the day.
  • Restaurants/Bars: ⭐(3) – There are a few bars and restaurants on the edge but none of great quality and you can get drinks from the shacks on the beach.
  • Crowds: ⭐(3) – This is one of the busier beaches in Ahangama but it’s big so you always have your own space.

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People chilling on the beach on makeshift sun-loungers with palm trees in the background at Kabalana

Ahangama Bay Beach / Gas Stations Beach

This beach still doesn’t have an official name. Some call it the Soul and Surf Beach after the nearby hotel. Others call it Ahangama Bay or Rocky Bay Beach. I like to call it after the surf spot you paddle to from the sand – Gas Stations. Whatever its name will finally settle on, the fact it doesn’t have one still means it’s a hidden gem.

The turquoise waters and empty beach of Gas Stations Beach

Ahangama Bay Beach is a stunning little cove on the eastern side of the town and is a contender for the most beautiful in the area.

The beach is defined by the tall jungle and rocky headland that overlooks a nice small golden stretch of sand in the bay. The reef and rocks protect the shore from the larger waves and currents you’ll find on most of Ahangama’s beaches making this the perfect place to relax or go for a chilled swim – and if you bring a mask there are plenty of fish to spot in this area, just watch out for the Urchins!

The gas stations surf spot big wave turning into calm past the rock headland

There are no sunloungers, beds, or shade on this beach so make sure to bring a towel, some water, and lots of suncream with you. We think it’s best to head to this beach in the morning when it’s a bit cooler and you should stay until middayish – in the afternoon this beach feels exposed and gets very hot. 

Recently a few cafes and restaurants have set up in this area so if you want to escape the heat you can cool off with an Iced Coffee and some shade. Kaffi, LBK, and the Canteen are our go-to’s.

Location: Ahangama Bay Beach

Two girls do Yoga on Ahangama Bay Beach with the Soul and Surf hotel in the bakground

Great for

  • Surf: ⭐(3) – Gas Stations is just off the shore which can be a great wave when the conditions are right but it’s also hit and miss.
  • Swim: ⭐(4) – Small waves and barely any currents make this a great place for a dip, just watch out for Urchins.
  • Relax: ⭐(3) – Quiet beach, nice sand, and a good view, this place is great for chilling. It can get hot so head under the trees on the right to cool off.
  • Restaurants/Bars: ⭐(2) – A few new restaurants and cafes have popped up here that are good quality, there’s just not a lot of choice.
  • Crowds: ⭐(3) – This is one of the quieter beaches in Ahangama and you can sometimes find yourself alone here. But it’s also very small so more than 5-10 people and it starts to feel crowded.
The empty beach at Gas Stations surf spot

Secret Beach

On the other side of the headland is one of our favourite places in Ahangama – Secret Beach. This is the kind of beach you can imagine headlining a dreamy travel magazine. It’s a small beautiful secluded cove with a curved strip of golden sand, thick jungle hanging over the beach, beautiful palm trees pointing out to sea, and a calm turquoise water you won’t find anywhere else in Ahangama.

If you’re looking to find the most Instragramable spot, this is it.

A girl walks down Secret Beach in Ahangama

Secret Beach is all about its natural beauty. It’s quiet, it’s unspoiled, and there are no hotels here or rows of sunbeds. We think this is one of the best places to come and relax – grab a spot in the shade under the trees, put your towel down, turn on some music, and find your zen. 

This is also one of the best beaches in Ahangama to go for a swim. The cove is completely protected from the big waves that hit the shores and it’s a sand bottom so there are no risks of stepping on Urchins. We love to sit in the water and chill until our skin can’t take it anymore. Which normally isn’t very long for me! If you’re lucky, you might also see a Turtle, they’re often seen in the cove.

It’s best to visit Secret Beach in the early morning when it’s quieter. The beach is small and people tend to come around 11am, when there are more than 5-10 people this beach can feel a little crowded. The vibes are still nice, but we personnel like a bit more space. 

If you can get up for first light, this is the spot to head to in Ahangama. The sun rises between the coastline and Devils Rock and it’s a stunning sight, it’s not to be missed. 

Location: Ahangama Secret Beach

People relaxing under the trees at Secret Beach Ahangama

Great for

  • Surf: ⭐(0) – There are no waves here, this beach is all about chilling.
  • Swim: ⭐(5) – Secret Beach is completely protected from currents and waves, it’s the perfect spot. 
  • Relax: ⭐(4) – When this beach is quiet there is no better place in Ahangama. It’s just you and nature.
  • Restaurants: ⭐(0) – There are no bars or restaurants in the area so make sure to bring everything you need.
  • Crowds: ⭐(3) – In the early morning this place is empty but it’s recently become more popular and it can feel crowded with only a few people.
People swimming and playing at Secret Beach in Ahangama

Lihinya / Insights Beach

Lihinya Beach is another non-named stretch of sand between the Linhinya Beach Hotel and Insights Resort. This is one of the most understated beaches in Ahangama, there are a few nice trees, the sand is soft and golden, it looks out upon two of the best surf spots – Marshmallows and Animals, and there are two good restaurants at either end of the beach – it’s a winner of nothing, but is solid at everything.

An empty beach between Lihinya Hotel and Insights resort in Ahangama

Lihinya Beach is a great spot to avoid the crowds and still have the opportunity to watch good surf. Animals Surf Spot can be seen on the left side of the beach which always has experienced surfers making big drop-ins and flowing turns. It’s a great place to watch how the pros handle the waves. 

Our favourite time to visit Linhinya Beach is sunset. The angle of the beach and the coastline means the sun drops behind the many headlands jutting out to the ocean, often creating bright orange skies and mysterious shadows through all the palm trees and low-level clouds towards the horizon. Many of the locals come at this time to have a swim and the kids pay with makeshift kites. The vibe is nice, it’s one of our favourite sunset spots in Ahangama.

Location: Lihinya Beach Hotel to Insights Resort

Two people walk down an empty beach with a bright orange sky and the sunsetting behind the headlands in Ahangama

If you get the opportunity you should stay at Lihinya Beach Hotel. We think this is the best hotel in Ahangama for the price. Stunning beachfront rooms, balconies to watch the sunset, high-quality furnishing, a beautiful pool, a great breakfast, and its beachfront. It’s been our favourite stay in Ahangama so far.

A mans legs at the end of a sun lounger at Lihinya Beach Hotel

Great for

  • Surf: ⭐(4) – With Animals (Advanced/Intermediate) and Marshmallows (Beginner/Intermediate) spots in view, it’s one of the better beaches for surfing.
  • Swim: ⭐(2) – There are strong currents, reefs, and waves on this beach. The best spot to swim is next to the rock wall.
  • Relax: ⭐(3) – This beach is really quiet but there is no shade or sunloungers, make sure to bring everything you need.
  • Restaurants/Bars: ⭐(2) – You’ll need to walk to either end of the beach to find the closest restaurant or bar. We highly recommend Thileini’s.
  • Crowds: ⭐(5) – Expect almost no one here most of the day, you can have this spot all to yourself. At sunset, there will be a few people but it’s a long beach so feels quiet.
A silhouette girl walking up Ahangama Beach at sunset

South Beach

If you’re looking for the best beach to avoid the crowds then South Beach is the place.

This spot is the most western beach in Ahangama and is a 30-minute walk from the main town or a 5-minute Tuk Tuk ride. The distance is good, because it’s far away from most hotels people rarely visit and this often means you get the beach to yourself.

A girl walk down South Beach in Ahangama

South Beach is stunning, it’s a long 500-meter beach with steep soft golden sand below a rock seawall. At one end of the beach, there are lots of fishing boats that look like they haven’t moved in many years. On the other, there are many beautiful palm trees with a few makeshift sunloungers – it’s the perfect chill-out spot if you want some isolation. 

There are not many restaurant or bars here, but near the road a few locals sell fruits and water, and if you walk a few minutes towards the town you’ll find a few cheap restaurants. It’s a nice authentic experience and a good change of pace from the hustle and bustle of many of the South Coast’s beach destinations. We highly recommend spending a day here at least once on your trip.

The makeshift sun loungers covered by overgrown trees at South Beach Ahangama

There is a nice mellow surf spot at South Beach that is great for longboarders, when the wave is working it offers 300-400 meter rides, it might be the longest wave on the South Coast. For shortboards, this spot needs a really big swell to work so it’s better to stay in Ahangama. This spot is regularly used by SUPs so if you fancy some paddleboarding you can hire one from the Gaia Hotel nearby.

Location: South Beach

A happy man walking up the beach after a surf at South Beach
Our good friend Paul probably considering if he should swap his surfboard for a SUP… traitor!

Great for

  • Surf: ⭐(2) – There’s a nice longboard spot here but it needs the right conditions to work.
  • Swim: ⭐(3) – This beach has a sandy bottom that gets deep fast with medium-strength currents, it’s nice for a dip, just expect to get dragged around.
  • Relax: ⭐(5) – This beach is perfect, it has everything you need to spend that day and it’s a very quiet spot.
  • Restaurants: ⭐(1) – There are a few options nearby but nothing special.
  • Crowds: ⭐(5) – There is hardly anyone on this beach, if you want your own space this is where to find it.
Many fishing boats at the end of South Beach

Best Beaches outside of Ahangama 

If you’re staying in Ahangama for a while or you’re using it as a base to explore some of the other towns on the south coast, there are a few additional beaches worth visiting if you get the chance. Here’s a quick overview of our top 3 beaches near Ahangama you should visit.

Dalawella Beach

Dalawella is a small beach a 15-minute Tuk Tuk ride towards Unawatuna. The beach isn’t great for chilling or relaxing, it’s full of tourists and it’s very busy. But here, there are some stunning rock pools full of giant Green Turtles. These are some of the biggest we’ve ever seen with a 1-meter wingspan and most of the Turtles are over 50 years old, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to swim with the some of the biggest Turtles you’ll find in Sri Lanka.

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A boy swims with a giant green turtle at Dalawella Beach

The famous Frog Rock, a popular Instagram spot, is also at this beach. If you want to get some good travel photos, head here in the early morning or the evening, climb on top of the rock, and you’ll get some stunning snaps.

Location: Dalawella Beach

The frog rock at dusk on Dalawella Beach

Koggala Beach

A 5-10 minute Tuk Tuk drive towards Unawatuna and you’ll find Koggala Beach, a beautiful local beach with many fishing boats resting on the sand, fruit stalls on the road, and fishing stilts in the ocean. The coastline here is also stunning with giant rock formations and large areas of untouched jungle towering over the beach. If you want to find an authentic Sri Lankan beach near Ahangama, this is the place to find it.

Location: Koggala Beach

A few fishing boats on the beach and many stilts for fishing in the ocean at Koggola Beach

Abimanagama Beach

10 minutes towards Weligama you’ll find Abimanagama Beach – a stunning untouched natural beach that’s a must-see. The sand on this beach is a deep burgundy colour and there are lots of jagged cliffs that makes this beach really unique. If you want to find one of the most stunning natural beaches in the area, this is a top contender.

Location: Abimanagama Beach

A makeshift sign pointing to many places at Ahangama Beach

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