Top 6 Surf Camps In Ahangama, Experience Sri Lanka’s Surf Paradise

Are you thinking of joining a surf camp in Ahangama? Wondering what the waves are like, if the town has vibes, and which camps are the best? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Welcome to our guide to the best surf camps in Ahangama, we hope you fall in love with the town as much as we have.

Every morning, toes in the sand, looking out to those perfect glassy waves. Those trippy pink reflections bouncing off the ocean, mirroring the sky above. Those easy paddle outs to the lineup, laughter with new friends, and smiles on everyone’s faces after they’ve caught the best waves of their life.

That’s a little taste of a surf camp in Ahangama. 

Beginners carrying surf boards at sunset in Ahangama

We’ve been on many camps in some of the best locations in the world – Taghazout, Santa Terresa, Fuerteventura, and Ericeria were some of our favourites. But nowhere has left an imprint like Ahangama. An imprint so deep we decided to move to Sri Lanka and make this our new home.

You see, Ahangama is a Goldilocks location. The town has more surf breaks than we can count on both hands, ranging from huge world-class waves to some of the best beginner breaks in Sri Lanka. When combined with the beautiful consistent weather and regular swells you have the perfect place to learn to surf or level up.

A surfer paddling at The Rock surf spot

But beyond the waves, the town just has vibes. Here you can immerse yourself in the surf culture and the local way of life. Whether you want to hit up those 5am parties, sip coconuts at the beach, try the local food, meet other travellers, go on a safari, or explore the surrounding towns – Ahangama has so much going on you’ll never be bored.

So whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned surfer, in this guide, we’ll give you everything you need to understand what to expect from a surf camp in Ahangama, which ones are the best, and all the tips to make sure you have an epic trip – we bet you’ll be booking your camp straight after ;).

Surfboards on the roof of a classic car in Ahangama

Why Ahangama is perfect for surf camps

Amazing Surf

The Rock, Marshmallows, Sticks, and Animals. Ahangama has some of the most well-known surf spots in Sri Lanka. To be honest, I’m not sure who put the town on the map first – Google Maps or Magicseaweed! 

So if you’re looking for the town with the best waves, you can’t go wrong with Ahangama.

The rock surf spot, one of the most popular waves for surf camps in Ahangama

If you’re just starting, Ahangama has some great spots for beginners. Kabalana and Ahangama Beach have gentle sand bottom waves which are perfect for standing up for the first time, and Weligama Beach Break is only a 10-minute drive down the road – which is the most popular beginner break in Sri Lanka.

Once you’ve dialed down those popups, the step-up reef breaks make Ahangama the best town to progress from starter to shredder in the shortest time. Marshmallow and South Beach are nice slow deep-reef breaks where you can really learn to catch green waves and start to turn – we’ve got no doubt you’ll be hitting nice 50-meter-plus rides after your first week.

A beginner on a surf camp at Marshmallow surf spot

If you’re an intermediate or advanced surfer there are some great waves to dial down those cutbacks or get those steps looking smooth. Whether you prefer a longboard or a shortboard, you’ll be able to find a break that matches your style and level.

And if you’re looking for world-class waves, Ahangama is one of the best places in Sri Lanka to find them. The Rock is a stunning big a-frame that’s all over Instagram and the beach break nearby is regularly used for competitions. 

Whatever your level, we have no doubt you’ll love the waves in Ahangama.

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A surfer hits a big wave in Ahangama

The Vibe

Ahangama just hits a little differently. For such a small town it packs a wider range of experiences, different types of people, and contrasting vibes than anywhere else we’ve been to in Sri Lanka. It’s almost got a city-like buzz located in a small tranquil coastal town.

Ahangama Beach at sunset, one of the top things to see when on a surf camp

Throughout the day you’ll always be able to find somewhere that matches your energy.

If you head to the town center, you’ll be surrounded by the chaos of locals going about their day, watching them trade fish for mangos, clambering out of packed trains, and beeping their Tuk Tuk horns as they weave along the roads.

The traffic in Ahangama town

But if you walk 30 meters down one of the small backstreet alleys off the main street it’s easy to escape the dust and the noise and find a deserted beach with almost no one on it – feel the wind through your hair, the sand between your toes, the salt on your skin, and all of a sudden the chaos passes for pure relaxation.

These small pockets of magic exist in so many places throughout the town. Whether you want to find a quiet cove to float in, have a popping heavy jungle party, chill at the surf camp, be social in a bar, hit some more waves, or just take a quiet walk through the backstreets to find some monkeys, there will always be a vibe that keeps you canceling your flight home.

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A tourist plays football with the local kids at Kabalana Beach

Great base to explore

Ahangama is in a nice central location on the South Coast between the two biggest cities, Galle and Matara. It’s easy to use the town as a base to explore the surrounding area to get the full flavour of Sri Lanka’s beach life.

Galle Lighthouse, one of the top things to see whilst on a surf camp in Ahangama

The town has convenient transport options with a train station, regular buses, and access to the motorway. After a morning surf, you could travel to Galle, Mirissa, Weligama, Unawatuna, or Madiha in less than 30 minutes and still get back for an evening session.

Even a safari in Udawlawe to see Elephants, a day trip to the rainforest, or a river cruise is simple to organise and only takes a couple of hours travelling from the town. It’s a great way to combine the surf camp with an adventure and fully experience Sri Lanka’s amazing culture.

Udawalawe National Park, a must do when visiting Ahangama

Food, bars, and nightlife

Once you’ve racked up the surfboard, Ahangama is a great place to relax, hang out, and grab some food. There are loads of options from hipster surf cafes, local curry shacks, Middle Eastern street food, jungle Asian restaurants, or beachfront burgers. It’s a foodie’s heaven.

Nuga house food, a must-try in Ahangama

After you’ve eaten, there are countless bars to grab a local arrack or a pina colada and watch the sunset, hang out with the other camp guests, or play some bar games. We think the bar scene is one of the best in Sri Lanka – always chilled vibes and good fun.

And if you continue into the night, there are lots of great parties to attend or a bonfire on the beach. Ahangama is just full of things to do and has a great social vibe, we’re sure you’ll make lots of new lifelong friends.

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Fireworks and a party on the beach in Ahangama

6 best surf camps in Ahangama

Ahangama is home to more camps than anywhere else on the island including budget options, famous global brands, and a few specialist camps for advanced surfers.

Every camp has a unique style and bundles different room options, activities, food choices, and surf packages. Here are the top ones to check out.

Global Surf

Global Surf has been perfecting beginner popups and teaching stylish cutbacks on Ahangama’s waves for many years. What sets these guys apart is the quality and level of the instructors, they really are the best in town.

Global Surf Lodge Pool, one of the best surf camps in Ahangama

For beginners, Global Surf will get you hitting those waves in no time with their structured daily lessons and evening video analysis. For intermediates and advanced surfers, the instructors are the best for pushing you and tweaking your style – expect to level up big time at this camp.

At a glance:

  • Best for – the best surf instructors
  • Duration – 7 / 14 / 21 day saturday to saturday
  • Food – breakfast and dinner included
  • Accommodation – dorm, double, or twin
  • Includes – yoga, video analysis, photos, offsite excurision
  • Price – From $900 per week (dorm room), $1300 (private)
The rooms at Global Surf, one of the best surf camps in Ahangama

Global Surf has a lodge near Kabalana Beach with 10 rooms, a pool, a yoga studio, a restaurant, and many chill-out areas. Every day they offer 2-hour surf lessons, breakfast, yoga, surf theory, and dinner – and they also take you on full-day surf trips and excursions out of town. It’s a great package. 

If you stay, expect high quality and a nice vibe – they’re one of our top recommendations if you can afford it. There are not many rooms so book early to avoid disappointment.

Best place to book:  

A surfer standing on South Beach in Ahangama


Lapoint are the OGs of surf camps, they’ve been teaching people to surf in Bali, Costa Rica, the Maldives, and many other locations across the world since 2008. In Ahangama, they have a huge hotel right on Kabalana Beach with a pool, bar, co-working space, and enough rooms to fit 50 people.

Lapoint rooms, a top surf camp in Ahangama

At a glance:

  • Best for – the complete package
  • Duration – 7 / 14 day monday to monday
  • Food – breakfast and dinner included
  • Accommodation – dorm, double, or twin
  • Includes – surf skate lesson
  • Price – From $900 per week (dorm room)

Everything at Lapoint is top – the instructors are good, the vibes are good, the food is good, and the accommodation is good – that’s why they are one of the best in the business. But with the quality comes the cost and it is one of the most expensive options in the town.

Best place to book: Lapoint website 

The pool of Lapoint Surf Camp, Ahangama

Gota Dagua

Gota Dagua Surf Camp is all about the vibes and good times. These guys are just awesome and make sure you’re always busy with BBQs, night outs, karaoke, snorkeling, and much much more. If you want to learn to surf and have a lot of fun these are the guys to go to.

Gota Dagua is definitely one of the best value-for-money surf camps in Ahangama with more lessons, more food, more activities, and a great accommodation for much less than other camps.

The pool area of Gota Dagua, one of the cheapest surf camps in Ahangama

If you want a private room as a couple you can get a week for $950 each, very reasonable, and a dorm is less than $650, you can’t get much better.

At a glance:

  • Best for – value and cheaper prices
  • Duration – 7 / 14 day sunday to sunday
  • Food – breakfast and dinner included
  • Accommodation – dorm, twin, double
  • Includes – BBQ, video analysis
  • Price – From $600 per week (shared room), $950 (private)
Gota Dagua's double rooms

Gota Dagua’s camp is located in the jungle area near Kabalana Beach where you’ll often be joined by monkeys at breakfast before your morning session. The property is high quality with 6 private rooms, 2 dorms, a few hangout spaces, and a pool to cool down in the midday heat. 

These guys sell out fast in the peak season so make sure to book early to avoid disappointment.

Best place to book:

Two beginner surfers in Ahangama

Ticket To Ride

Ticket To Ride is another great surf camp offering top-level instructors and good vibes. These guys have a well-put-together and colourful villa close to Ahangama Town making it one of the most convenient surf camps to enjoy the parties, nightlife, and hustle and bustle.

Ticket to ride garden, one of the top surf camps in Ahangama

At a glance:

  • Best for – social vibes
  • Duration – 7 / 14 day saturday to saturday
  • Food – breakfast and dinner included
  • Accommodation – twin, double
  • Price – From $800 per week (shared room), $1100 (private)

The coaching here is great quality, they even have extended packages to become qualified surf instructors. Every morning you can expect to be up and out very early, these guys like to start for the 6am sunrise and then follow up with a video of theory analysis over breakfast.

The afternoons are often filled with additional guided sessions. This is a great option for people who want to cram in as much surf as possible.

Best place to book: Ticket To Ride

Ticket to ride room, a great place to learn to surf

Ohana Surf House

If you’re looking for an option with flexible start days and durations then Ohana is the best place in town. This surf house and school offers big rooms, super comfy beds, private balconies, a shaded pool, a beautiful rooftop, and a great breakfast.

Ohana Surf House, a top surf camp in Ahangama

Paula and Rodolfo are amazing hosts that really make the difference. They always put you first making sure you have everything you need to have a good time. They’re also very funny and we’ve had many memorable nights on the beers with them – it’s not to be missed!

At a glance:

  • Best for – good value and flexible stays
  • Duration – whatever you like
  • Food – breakfast included
  • Accommodation – twin, double
  • Price – $70 per night for room – $100-$120 with surfing

Rodolfo is a great surf instructor who has been running a school in Madeira for years. The class sizes tend to be small with less than 4 people so it’s a great opportunity to get almost private coaching for a good price. He knows all the secret breaks so you’ll definitely find all the empty waves.

Ohana is a flexible option, we suggest using for the room and you can add on as many lessons as you want directly over message or when you get there. It’s great for those who want less structure and the opportunity to explore Ahangama or be spontaneous.

Best place to book:

A girl standing on the rooftop at Ohana Surf House, a top surf school in Ahangama

Dreamsea Surf Camp

If you’re looking for a good quality surf camp with the best best accommodation in town then you have to choose Dreamsea Surf Camp. This stunning shorefront hotel on Ahangama Beach has a real boho and chic style – the accommodation wouldn’t look out of place in the hipster corners of Tulum.

Dreamsea Surf Camp Pool, a top surf camp in Ahangama

Dreamseas rooms have some of the best decor in town with all the small details considered to give a comfortable stay. They all have large balconies, hanging chairs, driftwood benches, comfy pillows, and drapes on the walls. And you’ll love hanging out in their beautiful garden which has one of the best pools in town – It’s definitely up there as one of the most Instagramable hotels in Ahangama.

At a glance:

  • Best for – highest quality accommodation
  • Duration – 7 nights start whenever
  • Food – breakfast and dinner
  • Accommodation – twin, double
  • Includes – yoga lessons
  • Price – $1250 for a double room
Dreamsea Surf Camps double rooms

Dreamsea offers a good package with a daily breakfast, six 2-hour surf lessons, 3 yoga sessions, and 5 dinners. Only a few of the guests will be on the surf camp as many stay for the accommodation and use this as a hotel. That can be a benefit with small groups for the lessons, but if you’re looking for the full vibe of a dedicated surf camp, another option might be better.

Best place to book: Dreamsea

Dreamsea surf camps garden

What to expect at a surf camp

Every surf camp in Ahangama is a little different, but they do tend to rhyme. Depending on the camp and package you might get a few more surf lessons, the odd additional meal, or a different night out. But on average you should expect a week full of surfing, theory, socials, adventure, and chilling.

People hanging out on the roof of a surf camp in Ahangama

Getting to Ahangama is easy. When you turn up at the airport someone will be waiting for you with a slightly smudged and not so easy to read sign with your name on it – that’s about as far as the difficulties go – the drive to Ahangama is a casual 3-hour whip down the motorway and straight to the camp, all stress avoided.

The first day is about meeting the other guests, chilling, getting to know the instructors, and the plan for the week. Everyone will be having a few beers and chatting around the pool getting to know each other – and the day often ends with a communal dinner and an early night ready to wake up and hit the waves.

Surf camp guests hanging out and socialising in a bar

Surfing always starts early in Ahangama. The conditions are best before 11am so make sure you’re ready to get up for 7ish, get a quick coffee in, and then head out for a morning lesson. The guides know the area well and will always take you to the quiet spots with the best conditions.

The lessons often start with a warm-up on the beach and practicing drills like popups or standing positioning before heading into the ocean. The instructors will help you get into the waves and provide all the tips in the session, and there’s often a photographer getting pictures for you to show off when you’re back home.

An instructor taking a surf camp for a lesson in Ahangama

They’re not just for Instagram though. After a 2-hour lesson, you’ll be whipped back to the camp for a fresh breakfast and go over the video analysis or theory so you know how to improve.

Maybe you’re standing up too tall, maybe you’re not looking down the line, whatever it is the instructors will give you all the tips you need.

A surfer on a wave with a boat behind it in Ahangama

In the early afternoon, the conditions blow out and the heat ramps up. The camps will often put on activities or let you have free time. This is often a great opportunity to head to the beach or explore the town with the other guests.

In the evening, the wind settles and you’ll get another opportunity to hit some waves. The camps don’t run lessons but you can take a board and head to the nearby breaks, they’re all walking distance from the camps. 

After the sun sets, everyone sits down for a nice communal dinner and drinks before heading out to a bar or playing some games at the camp. It’s always about the nice chilled social vibes. This daily routine repeats as you improve your surfing and deepen those friendships.

A guest of a surf camp playing pool in a local bar

Throughout the week there will be the opportunity to practice some yoga or to go on excursions like a safari at Udawalwe or Wednesday’s surf camp socials at the Doctors House.

After 7 days are up it’s time to say goodbye to everyone and head back to the airport or onwards to your travels. No matter the plans, you’ll leave a much better surfer with amazing memories. Surf camps in Ahangama are such a vibe.

House of Uncles, a great place to party in Ahangama


What is the best time of year to attend a surf camp?

The best time to visit Ahangama is between November and April when the southwest monsoon has finished and the coast has consistent weather. Throughout these months the conditions work like clockwork and Ahangama experiences offshore winds in the mornings that provide beautiful glassy waves. 

Ahangama Beach, a must-visit when attending a surf camp

The peak months are January and February when there is the least chance of rain and the most amount of sunshine. The shoulder months will still have nice weather and consistent waves but there is a higher chance of rain. We still love coming in December or April when it’s often a little quieter and the surf is still great – there are plenty of bars to hideaway when it rains!

Many of the surf camps remain open in the summer months between May and October. This is a good time to get a cheap deal but the conditions are not the best, it will rain often, and much of the town is closed. We suggest skipping this period or heading to Arugam Bay on the east coast instead.

A giant storm over Kabalana Beach, Ahangama. Why you should avoid surf camps in the summer months
There are some gnarly storms in the summer months

Is Ahangama suitable for beginners?

Yes, Ahangama is great for beginners who join a camp. Kabalana and Ahangama Beach are great starter waves and the reef breaks are perfect for progressing. The camp will teach you all about the spots and where’s best to go.

If you decide not to go for a camp then Ahangama isn’t the best place to learn. You really need a good instructor to help you navigate the breaks. If you just want to give surfing a go Weligama, Dewata, and Hiriketyia are better locations.

Beginners surfers taking a lesson on Kabalana Beach

What should I bring to a surf camp?

The surf camps provide all the equipment including the boards, wax, and rashguards. You only need to bring some clothes, swimwear, and good vibes. Normally a standard beach holiday suitcase should be fine.

The only specific items we suggest bringing is good swimwear for surfing and sunscreen / UV protection – the sun is brutal in Sri Lanka and you don’t want to miss out on the waves because of sunburn. We suggest:

  • Good board shorts for guys and surf suits for girls – Quicksilver and Billabong have many great options
  • Zinc sunscreen for your face – it doesn’t wash off whilst you are surfing – there are many great cheap options on Amazon, we like suntribe
  • Reef-safe sunscreen – the reefs are delicate in Sri Lanka so let’s protect them – Sunbum and Haiwan Tropics are our typical go-too
  • Surf hats to protect the scalp from burning – Quicksilver and Billabong have some great options 
A couple chilling on Kabalana Beach at sunset

Are surf camps suitable for solo travellers?

Yes, surf camps are some of the best places for solo travellers to meet other people, hang out, and have fun. Camps are often set up to be social so it’s easy to make friends.

Some surf camps in Ahangama are better than others for solo travellers. We suggest going to Global Surf, Lapoint, or Gota Dagua.

A solo traveller reading a book at a surf camp in Ahangama

What else can you do in Ahangama?

Beyond the waves, Ahangama is the perfect town to experience the surf culture and explore the South Coast. Every day you can find something different to do, here’s a little flavour of what you can get up to:

A safari in Sri Lanka, a top thing to do while on a surf camp in Ahangama
  • Party until sunrise – Lamana, Trax, La Bella, Ahangama have some of the best parties on the South Coast.
  • Explore the beaches and coves – Ahangama Beach, Kabalana, Secret Beach, and The Cove, there are 6 must-see beaches in Ahangama all with a different vibe to explore.
  • Safari at Udawalwe – fancy seeing some Elephants? Ahangama is only 2 hours away from one of the best national parks in Sri Lanka.
  • Swim with giant turtles – close to the town you can snorkel with some of the biggest turtles you can find in the world, you don’t want to miss it!
  • Climb Devils Rock – fancy a bit of adventure? You can swim out to Devil’s Rock and see why it got its name!

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A thursday party at Lamana Skate Park

Do the surf camps offer transport from the airport?

Transport from the airport is often not included and a paid extra. It’s worth checking with the surf camp how much they charge and if they can organise it for you.

Typically self-organised taxi’s will costs between $60-70, if the camps are charging more you can often get a good deal with Kiwi Taxi. Book here

If you’re looking for cheaper options you can also use local buses, which cost less than $5 and takes between 8-10 hours, or the train which costs $3-5 and you’ll typically have to stay the night before in Colombo. Both thse options involve getting a bus into the center of Colombo and then changing to head down south. We often don’t use this method because of the effort but it is a good way to save money.

The train from Colombo to Ahangama

Enjoy the guide?

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